Protection against denial-of-service attacks Protect your business on the web

In a denial-of-service attack malicious attackers are looking to make a network service unavailable. Some of the attacks are motivated by money while others just by mischief. An attacker looking for monetary gain first makes a phone call or sends an email to blackmail the victim for money or services. If the victim refuses to pay then their network service will be crippled. According to authorities, in some of the blackmailing incidents there are suspects of global organized crime.

Our denial-of-service protection was designed for high traffic websites and game servers but it also works well for smaller business-critical websites. The attack is often the worst nightmare for the web service provider but luckily there is a way to wake up.

We analyze what is the typical traffic on your web service and who are its users. Our round-the-clock monitoring makes sure that we detect suspicious traffic immediately. We take immediate action to ensure that the online service is up and running in spite of the attack.

Our defence is based on automated setup that separates appropriate and inappriate traffic. After the process only the appropriate traffic gets to use the service. We examine the traffic carefully in different OSI layers to make sure that all appropriate traffic gets in the destination safely.

How does a denial-of-service attack work?

A denial-of-service attack attempts to overload the platform that is used to host a web service. Often the goal of DoS attack is to create too many users to the service so that they effectively steal the capacity meant for appropriate users. A server simply does not have the resources to service everyone and since the number of inappropriate users is higher the server is primarily servicing them in the attack situation. This type of attack is called application level denial-of-service.

Nowadays the chances of being a victim of denial-of-service attack are great due to modest prices of network connections and the easy availability of networking and denial-of-service attack software. Not only has the frequency of the attacks increased but also the burden capacity of their server systems and network connections has increased. This puts even the most stable unprotected infrastructure at risk when an attack occurs.

Network Security in Net9

The top priority in Net9 has always been to guarantee the security and the services of our customers. During the years we have accumulated a vast knowledge of the attack detection and mitigation. This allowed us to develop different tools to help in taking on even large-scale attacks.
Our defenses mitigate tens of gigabytes of attacks daily without any negative effects on our customers' services.

We are one of the few companies in Finland that invest specifically to network security. Others usually aim to save from network expenses and to improve only when necessary. In Net9 we aim to keep our network up to date in order to prevent all unexpected difficulties in the future. Recently in Finland the internet banks have been receiving multiple attacks and the problems that followed have been hot topics. In Net9 we practically have none of those problems.