Gameservers Strong & powerfull servers for gaming from Net9.

If you cannot find product you are looking for from the list, please contact us and we will install the wanted gameserver for you!

What is included in Net9 Gameservers?
Raw power and speed, with cheap price

Powerful hardware

We use only the latest hard­ware in our servers. This guarantees that your gaming experience is smooth, regardless of player count.

Solid State Disks (SSD)

All of our game­servers are equipped with lighting fast enterprise grade SSDs. On all our servers disks are secured with doubled drives so your server will stay up even if one disk fails.

Support for any issue

Our staff is trained to under­stand the needs of game­servers. They can navigate you through even the most obscure problems. We are reachable via our website, Skype, email or TeamSpeak

Protection from DDOS attacks

And strong one. If players you have banned are little salty, you don't need to worry. We develop our DDOS protection daily bases. For more sophisticated attacks we customize the protection to match your needs.

Ease of use

Our control­panel is designed to be as easy to use as possible even from your mobile device. The control panel comes in many languages as well, so you can enjoy your experience in your native language.

Low latency

We offer multiple loca­tions for our servers. Possible loca­tions include but are not limited to Finland, Sweden and France. Choose the closest loca­tion for you to minimize latency to your server. If you cannot find pre­ferred location while purchasing server, please contact us!

We utilize enterprise level HP and/or Dell hardware for our servers. This guarantees that your server is designed to withstand high load and uptime around the clock, lowering the chance of hardware failure. We have hand­picked processors and SSDs we use, so your gaming experience can be as smooth as possible.
We install your game­server and control all hard­ware and soft­ware updates for it. You don't need to worry about any technical stuff on that side. You game­server is ready to be used right after payment. Using the server does not require to have any Linux know­ledge. When your game­server requires update, you can just restart the server and the update will be auto­maticly applied. Easy?
Net9 Game­servers are easy to control and manage. As our customer you don’t need to worry about anything related to managing your own machine or server operating system. We use high quality internet connections with large band­width in order to guarantee high amounts of players for your server. This is something that most home connections are unable to provide. Our servers also run 24/7 without any inter­ruptions, because there simply is no reason to shut down a server and stop playing.
We offer you multiple ways to contact us. We understand that some of our customers like to call us, others send e-mail and others like to use live chat applications. You can reach our customer support via phone, email, website or even Skype - the choice is yours. We are online nearly 24/7 and always ready to help you.
There is many choices in your disposal when it comes to payment. We use bank transfers, card payments and also Paysafe­Card payments. You also have option to pay with bitcoints if you want.
All our servers are installed automaticly soon as the payment has been verified. If you have paid with bank transfer in some cases it might take up to two work days to verify the payment. When using other payment options your payment will be verified soon as you pay and the server will be activated for your use right after without delay. Soon as the payment has been verified we will send you email containing all the information about your server, so you can start using it.