Minecraft Server Platform Command and conquer! Freely customize the settings of your Minecraft servers

Minecraft Server Platform is still in beta. Please, go ahead and ask for an offer by clicking "Contact Us". In your request, please ask for the desired RAM capacity and tell us if you want SSH connection instead of pre-installed Multicraft. We are looking to add MSP to our ordering page soon.

Minecraft Server Platform is an incredible product for Minecraft hosting and it lets you to freely control your Minecraft servers. For instance, you may choose the amount of RAM memory to your requirements. Got a big party coming up? Don't worry, with MSP you can conveniently pull RAM memory from the servers in the same MSP and give it to the server that requires more. This way the quality of your service and lagfree operation is guaranteed.

In addition to all the customization options the resources of Minecraft Server Platform are dedicated only to you. Usually the companies hosting Minecraft servers, like the competitors of Net9 Oy, sell all Minecraft services from shared servers. This makes it difficult for the users to estimate the performance of the server and it may be hard to judge whether a lag is caused by the host or not. Minecraft Server Platform provides transparency: you will know exactly what resources you're buying and no other customer can hoard the resources dedicated to you.

What does Minecraft Server Platform include?
In short: performance and customization.

Dedicated resources

You get what you order. No more ambiguous descriptions of performance, but cold hard facts like the number of cores are presented.

Solid-state drives

We offer all servers with high performance SSDs that are securely configured in hardware RAID. We support disk hot swapping.

Prioritized support

You get our full support in Skype almost 24/7. You also get a chance to ask other customers for tips and tricks.

Protection against denial-of-service attacks

And strong one at that. Are your banned players raging? Don't worry, our protection system can take on their vengeance.

Custom control panel

But still intuitive and secure. From Net9's Multicraft you will find things like RAM settings and other additional features.

Ease of use

We administer the server for you. Experienced users can choose to use SSH connection to administer their own operating system.

Servers are run as virtual servers (VPS) using KVM technology. Every virtual core is connected to one physical core and there are no restrictions on the core utilization.
We install the server and control the operating system and its updates so that you don't have to study or bother with them. The server is immediately ready to use even if you understand nothing about Linux operating system.

For experienced user we offer SSH connection and full access as long as it is asked when ordering or afterwards. However, due to Multicraft license we cannot provide Multicraft installation in this case and experienced user must install it by themselves.
With Minecraft Server Platform you can customize the amount of RAM directly from Multicraft control panel. There you can also create new servers and delete old ones.

This way you can utilize the RAM you bought just the way you want, for example, to create a BungeeCord network. Creating a server network that can take hundreds of players is easy.

This is excellent choice for servers using BungeeCord software since with MSP you can easily set the servers behind BungeeCord software to local IP address so that they may be joined only through BungeeCord software. This is common information security procedure since BungeeCord servers must be set to offline mode and in offline mode anyone could log into them as admins.
Live support is a group in Skype instant messaging program that includes all of the Minecraft Server Platform users. This way our employees can easily help you if a problem occurs.

You also get a chance to ask help from other users and this includes staff from large servers. Players can support each other and keep up good team spirit among MSP users.
Each physical Minecraft Server Platform host server has 192 gigabytes of RAM and 32 Intel i5 processor cores. The setup is equipped with one terabyte of SSD storage in hardware RAID configuration.

Furthermore, the server is connected to the internet via gigabit cable. We only use trusted servers by Dell.
Our RAID setup lets us keep running the server without problems even if one of the disks were to break down. No data is lost during a disk breakdown.

We use high quality RAID controllers that support hotswapping and enable us to replace disks without rebooting the server. These high quality controllers are also made more secure with batteries that insures data integrity in all situations.

On top of all the SSDs have been sped up by one gigabyte cache memory of the RAID controllers. In comparison, consumer disks usually have cache sizes of just couple dozens of megabytes.