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FastDL is a technology used in Source based game servers to speed up the download of maps and other assets to players. We offer 100 Mbps FastDL for all servers that support it for no extra fees. We have made sure that using FastDL for our services is as easy as possible and for majority of the servers it is configured automatically and is on by default.


The FastDL server will download maps on the first use at a slow speed, because it will cache the map/asset to it's memory. This means that the FastDL is always automatically up to date, but it will have to download the map on it's first use and that will take a moment. When someone has joined your server at least once and downloaded the map from FastDL, it will stay in the server's memory for the next 3 months.


By default, FastDL is configured on all servers that support it. If you want to, you can change FastDL settings by going to Files → Config Files → Server Settings → Automatic FastDL. In that menu FastDL can be for example turned off, if you do not want to use it for some reason.

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